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[SA_scat] Software Developer Position@EMBL, Hamburg (Svergun Group)

Dear All,

I would like to inform you that a software developer position is 
available at the EMBL Hamburg Unit in the research group of Dmitri Svergun.
I attach a brief description of the Vacancy Notice below. Deadline for 
application is 12th January 2015
Further Detailed Information can be found under : 

*Software Developer, Reference HH_00075

* Applications are invited for a software maintainer for the SAXS 
software package ATSAS, a program suite for small-angle scattering data 
analysis from biological macromolecules. The ATSAS suite is a collection 
of 20+ applications, actively developed for more than 15 years by the 
SAXS group at EMBL-Hamburg. It is in use in more than a 1000 academic 
research institutes world-wide. The software maintainer for ATSAS shall 
further improve the internal processes and general user experience.

The successful candidate will work within the SAXS group in Hamburg  
that provides a stimulating work environment. This position also 
involves frequent contacts with international users of the software.

Margret Fischer
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