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[SA_scat] Call for proposals for neutron experiments in fields upto 26 T

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  • Subject: [SA_scat] Call for proposals for neutron experiments in fields upto 26 T
  • From: <stephen.king@stfc.ac.uk>
  • Date: Thu, 18 Dec 2014 16:43:59 +0000
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Dear Colleagues,

As you probably know, the high-field magnet (HFM) project of Helmholtz Zentrum Berlin is close to completion. HFM is a hybrid horizontal magnet that has tapered cones with 30 degrees openings. It is currently being assembled on the dedicated time-of-flight instrument (EXED) where it will allow neutron diffraction and small angle scattering experiments to be carried out in static magnetic fields of up to 26T. Further information on the project and latest achievements can be found here: http://www.helmholtz-berlin.de/pubbin/igama_output?modus=einzel&sprache=en&gid=1939&typoid=39942 .

We are currently accepting proposals for HFM/EXED, beamtime can be requested using the GATE HZB website (https://www.helmholtz-berlin.de/pubbin/hzbgate). There is a soft deadline of 31st January, proposals received by this date will be assessed in the February committee meeting to enable effective planning of experiments. All proposals submitted after this deadline will be judged about three months later.

However, the proposal procedure is somewhat different from the normal-proposal submission. It is mandatory that proposals are discussed with a HZB local contact prior to submission, and proof of the high quality of the sample as well as a detail time-field schedule of the experiment have to be provided. In order to help an applicant to calculate the accessible Q-range and find the optimal sample orientation, a web-based EXEQ application (http://www.helmholtz-berlin.de/pubbin/exeq.pl) has been created.

Best regards,

K.Prokes, B.Lake, O.Prokhnenko

Karel Prokes
Department Quantum Phenomena in Novel Materials
Helmholtz-Zentrum Berlin fr Materialien und Energie GmbH
Hahn-Meitner-Platz 1
D-141 09 Berlin, GERMANY
tel.: +49 30 8062 42804
fax.: +49 30 8062 43172
e-mail: prokes@helmholtz-berlin.de<mailto:prokes@helmholtz-berlin.de>

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