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[SA_Scat] SasView 3.1.2 - please upgrade

A new update of SasView, version 3.1.2, has just been released. It is recommended that all users of SasView upgrade.
http://www.sasview.org/The SasView Development Team

New in Version 3.1.2
This release is a major stability improvement, having fixed a serious bug that came to light since release 3.1.1. All users should upgrade.
Fixes bug #468 broken remove constraint buttons in simultaneous/constrained fitting panelFixes bug #474 resulting from changes in 3.1.1 that had introduced an error in the high-Q of slit-smeared models.Fixes bug #478 which would cause wx to run out of IDs and result in SasView crashing even if left alone.Fixes bug #479 missing help button on simultaneous/constrained fit pageFixes bug #480 GUI resizing issues on simultaneous fit pageFixes bug #486 broken Report ResultsFixes bug #488 redraw issues in fit page
New in Version 3.1.1
Fixes bug #457 that prevented SasView from starting if the user was not connected to the internet, or was behind a proxy server.
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