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[SA_Scat] EMBO Molecular Machines Conference -- abstract deadline21st September

_EMBO Molecular Machines Conference -- abstract deadline 21st September_
Dear colleagues,
The EMBO conference 'Molecular Machines: Integrative structural and molecular biology' takes place at EMBL 20-23 November. The conference focuses on ‘hybrid methods’ approaches to structural molecular biology a broad coverage of structural and computational techniques including SAS and has a fantastic lineup of speakers.
Confirmed speakers are:
Rudi Aebersold, Nenad Ban, David Barford, Alexandre Bonvin, Bridget Carragher, Yifan Cheng, Wah Chiu, Patrick Cramer, Karl-Petr Hopfner, Charalampos Babis Kalodimos, Lewis Kay, Adam Lange, Rob Meijers, Daniela Nicastro, Arthur Olson, Stefan Raunser, Helen Saibil, Tamar Schlick, Gunner Schroeder, Maya Topf, Jill Trewhella, Antoine van Oijen, Bente Vestergaard
More details are available here:http://www.embl.de/training/events/2016/HYB16-01/speakers_gallery/index.html
The abstract submission deadline is 21st September 2016.
all the best,
D.Svergun, on behalf of the organizers
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