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[SA_Scat] Announcing SasView 4.1

Dear Small-Angle Scatterers,

The SasView Development Team is pleased to announce the release of SasView 4.1
The program can be downloaded from http://www.sasview.org/

This point release brings a series of new features and improvements, and a host of bug fixes. Of particular note are:
- Correlation Function Analysis: This performs a correlation function analysis of one-dimensional SAXS/SANS data using Adam Washington`s CorfuncPy package. This essentially brings the capability of the old CCP13 CORFUNC package to the current generation of small-angle scatterers.
- Fitting of SESANS Data: Data from Spin-Echo SANS measurements can now be loaded and fitted. The data will be plotted against the correct axes and models will automatically perform a Hankel transform in order to calculate SESANS from a SANS model.
- A file converter tool for multi-file single-column data sets has been added (eg, BSL and some other SAXS instrument formats).
- The way that orientation (and thereby orientational distribution) is defined is being refactored to address long standing issues and user comments. In this release, however, only models with symmetry (e.g. a=b) have been converted to the new definitions. The rest (a <> b <> c - e.g. parellelepiped) maintain the same definition as in previous versions of SasView and will be converted in SasView 4.2. Please consult the help documentation to see which definition is being used for a given model.

Other enhancements include:
- Support for the saving and loading of simultaneous and constrained fits
- Loading of Save States from SasView v3.x.y using new sasmodel model names
- Support for the saving and loading of projects with 2D fits
- OpenCL is disabled by default but can be enabled through the Fitting menu option
- Data and theory fields are now independently expandable
- Loading a project no longer appends to an existing session but instead removes all existing data, fits, and plots

Important notes:
SasView 4.1 will be the last version of SasView to support native 32-bit operating systems.
SasView 4.1 will probably also be the last version to support user plug-in models written for SasView versions 3.x and earlier. Any such models should now be re-written or converted to the new plug-in model architecture. Please consult the help documentation.

Enjoy the program!
The SasView Development Team
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