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[SA_Scat] Postdoc position in Physical Chemistry at the PharmacyDepartment, Uppsala University

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  • Subject: [SA_Scat] Postdoc position in Physical Chemistry at the PharmacyDepartment, Uppsala University
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A postdoc position in physical chemistry at the Department of Pharmacy, Uppsala University, will be open for application during the fall year 2017.

Project: Amphiphilic Drug Self-Assemblies Studied by Scattering Techniques

The postdoc position is in the research group Pharmaceutical Physical Chemistry. Our research aims at clarifying the relationships between the molecular structure of drug molecules and excipients, their physical-chemical properties and behavior in drug formulations and delivery systems such as microgels, vesicles and microemulsions.

The project will be part of a new initiative to study the self-assembling properties of amphiphilic drugs in solution and their interaction with other amphiphilic self-assemblies and charged polymer networks. The group is currently setting-up advanced research equipment for combined static and dynamic light scattering techniques. The postdoc project will focused on structural investigations by means of light scattering and small-angle x-ray and neutron scattering techniques.

Suitable background for the project is a PhD in physical chemistry or related areas and expertise in dynamic and static light scattering as well as experience of small-angle scattering techniques at large scale facilities.

For more information, contact:

Prof. Per Hansson
per.hansson@farmaci.uu.se<mailto:per.hansson@farmaci.uu.se>Phone: +46(0)762736768

Doc. Magnus Bergström
magnus.bergstrom@farmaci.uu.se<mailto:magnus.bergstrom@farmaci.uu.se>Phone: +46(0)736354644

Per HanssonProfessor of Physical ChemistryDepartment of PharmacyUppsala UniversityUppsala Biomedical CentreBox 580SE-75123 Uppsala, Sweden
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