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[SA_Scat] Reminder: Deadline registration Sept.1 2018,JCNS Workshop 2018

Dear colleagues,
we like to to remind you there are two days left for registration to the
JCNS Workshop 2018 - Trends and Perspectives in Neutron Instrumentation: Advanced simulation and open source software in neutron scattering.
The deadline is on
Sa. Sept. 1, 2018
Please register now to attend the workshop at the corresponding registration page.
Also the program is finalized there is still the possibility to submit an abstract for a presentation within the popster section of the workshop.
The workshop will be held from October 29 to November 1 2018 in Tutzing, Germany. The scope of the workshop is to link between computer modeling and experimental data. It will bring together experts with neutron scattering users to review modeling techniques and provide the opportunity for the community to discuss current limitations, new capabilities, and future developments. It aims at highlighting recent approaches and developing ideas on the combining simulation and experiment with appropriate software and simulation tools.
Invited speakers are
  *   Martin Böhm (ILL)  *   Wim Briels (Uni Twente)  *   Gerald Kneller (CNRS)  *   Kim Lefmann (UCPH)  *   Christos Likos (Uni Vienna)  *   Andreas Michels (Uni Luxembourg)  *   Angel Moreno (CSIC-UPV/EHU)  *   Jan Skov Pedersen (Aarhus University)  *   Toby Perring (ISIS)  *   Gennady Pospelov (JCNS)  *   Navid Qureshi (ILL)  *   Alan Tennant (ORNL)  *   Walter Van Herck (JCNS)  *   Jörg Voigt (JCNS)
Further information can be found at the workshop webpage
We are looking forward to meet you in Tutzing.
Thomas Brückel, Stephan Förster, Thomas Gutberlet, Joachim Wuttke(JCNS Workshop Scientific Committee)
Dr. Thomas Gutberlet
Jülich Centre for Neutron Science JCNS
Forschungszentrum Jülich GmbH
Outstation at MLZ
Lichtenbergstrasse 1
85747 Garching

e-mail:  t.gutberlet@fz-juelich.de<mailto:t.gutberlet@fz-juelich.de>
phone: +49 89 289 10718
fax:      +49 89 289 10799
mobil:  +49 172 3949605

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