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Re: IUCr congress - Teaching nominations and suggested symposia -CCT nominations for IUCr XXI

Dear Colleagues,

even though the list is getting long, I would like to suggest topics of:

Teaching the imperfect; disordered structures

Teaching physical/chemical properties

The fist suggestion is somewhat related and overlapping with the suggestion
for -Teaching modern concepts required for understanding incommensurate,
       non-periodic and magnetic crystallography
I would think that modern concepts have evolved regarding teaching the second
topic, especially with different applications of crystals in mind.


Reinhard Neder


Quoting Lachlan Cranswick <lachlanc@magma.ca>:

> Updated list of suggestions for Teaching topics for the Japan.  Modifications
> suggestions appreciated.
> Lachlan
> - web based crystallography teaching / the use of modern communications
>  methods to teach crystallography
> - Teaching crystallography to non-crystallographers
> - Teaching macromolecular crystallography
> - Teaching basic crystallography
> - Teaching single crystal and powder diffraction
> - Teaching modern concepts required for understanding incommensurate,
>       non-periodic and magnetic crystallography
> - Pitfalls and successes in crystallographic short courses
> - It didn't work out: failures in crystallographic teaching
> - Of ancient time: comparing modern and traditional crystallographic
>   teaching
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