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Re: Meaning of _category.mandatory_code


 > since the programs that will read CIF3
> dictionaries will have to be able to handle save frames, it would add 
> little additional overhead to allow save frames to be used in the CIF3s 
> themselves.

I do not think this necessarily follows.  Supporting save frames in 
dictionaries only means only one level (the dictionary reading) of 
software is affected, whereas using it in all CIFs affects all levels 
e.g. UI code.  Adding a new level of abstraction to a UI is an order of 
magnitude more work than simply adding support to dictionary reading.

 > As CIF3 software becomes available the advantages in working
> in CIF3 will become apparent.

In my opinion the problem here is that without widespread CIF3 use or a 
compelling reason to use it there will be no CIF3 software.  At the 
moment users either use DDL1 for small structures or DDL2 for mmCif and 
new users are likely to choose one or the other mainly depending on the 
conventions of the audience they are intending on speaking to.  For many 
users upgrading to CIF3 would amount to spending a lot of effort for 
very little tangible benefit.  More importantly unless everyone upgrades 
there will be no point generating a CIF3 structure as others will not be 
able to process it.  The analogy I would use is that of video phones - 
no one buys one because no one they talk to has one, therefore no one 
buys one ad infinitum.


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organisation for which I work (the CCDC)

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