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Re: Draft JSON specification for CIF

Dear Marcin,
On 13/04/17 19:14, Marcin Wojdyr wrote:> So being more explicit makes it slower to download and parse resulting> file. 
that's true, approach of 'cod-tools' gives ~3x increase of file size(CIF -> JSON), but I expect that HTTP compression (tried with gzip on~25Mb CIF files) would reduce that back to the size of input CIF. Ofcourse, compression/decompression is the trade-off here.
> Another thing is simplicity. I wrote a simple cif->json to check> correctness of my parser (for example by comparing the output with> JMol).> If the JSON format is simple, it's worth to add JSON writer to CIF> parser just for the sake of testing. If JSON schema is too elaborate,> it may not be worth.
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