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RE: Draft JSON specification for CIF

It’s not just CIF2 that can express a string value consisting of a single dot or a single question mark.  CIF1 has always been able to do the same.  This is one of the areas where it matters whether the value is expressed in quoted form.


I considered suggesting "\u0000" as one of the null representations, but held back because although it is well-defined, it has the potential to be difficult to handle.  For example, in C, the UTF-8 or UTF-16 encoding of that string will be treated the same as an empty string by the standard library’s string functions.  This certainly *can* be handled, but why lay traps?


As for other possible null representations, U+FFFF has an advantage over U+FFFD, in that the former cannot appear in CIF2’s native serialization (the spec does not allow it), whereas the latter can do.





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You mean because in CIF2 you can put "." in, with quotes to mean an actual dot, or without quotes to mean NULL, is that the issue? I do like \u0000 (unicode NULL) for CIF ".' NULL. How about U+FFFD for "?" ?  Here's what they look like on my machine:

Inline image 1

What I meant by "not an issue" is that if everything is a string, then there isn't the issue that some "numerical" values are numbers and some are strings of some sort.




On Thu, Apr 13, 2017 at 10:13 AM, Marcin Wojdyr <wojdyr@gmail.com> wrote:


> - This adds the unnecessary complication of what to do with "." and "?"

I think you imply that . and ? should be expressed in JSON as "." and "?".
But this would be ambiguous: JSON "?" could mean either unknown or string "?".


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