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Re: CIF-JSON new draft

John has an interesting point. For example:

"_chemical_formula_sum": null

cannot be distinguished easily from


(You can iterate through all keys to see if one is missing, but that is not typically how it is done.)

I don't know that this is significant from a decoder viewpoint, but from a CIF validation point of view, perhaps a key/value pair would be required to be present, even if the value is null. I don't know.

On Wed, May 3, 2017 at 4:03 PM, Bollinger, John C <John.Bollinger@stjude.org> wrote:

Dear CIF Developers,


I additionally think that the current version of the specification is too lax about use of the "loop tags" item.  If the CIF version is unspecified among the metadata or if it is specified with value 2.0, and if the data block being represented contains either at least one loop or at least one unlooped item whose value is a CIF2 list, then the meaning of some values is ambiguous without the "loop tags".  It is undesirable to allow such ambiguity.


John, I don't see that. Can you give a concrete example?

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