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RE: COMCIFS open meeting 1.15pm Fri 25th Aug MR 2.06

Jim, i am here. Can we get together? I was thinking of presenting a bit about CIF-JSON at my presentation Sunday. On the fort tour until 2pm.  Who else is here?


Robert M. Hanson
St. Olaf College Chemistry
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From: James Hester
Sent: ‎8/‎24/‎2017 9:24 PM
To: Discussion list of the IUCr Committee for the Maintenance of the CIF  Standard (COMCIFS); Forum for CIF software developers
Cc: Suzanna Ward; John Helliwell
Subject: COMCIFS open meeting 1.15pm Fri 25th Aug MR 2.06

Dear COMCIFS and Cif developers,

Just a reminder for those here in Hyderabad that an open COMCIFS meeting will be held tomorrow (Friday) in MR 2.06 at 1.15pm.  I have shifted the start to 1.15pm in order for us to have enough time to grab some lunch.  All with an interest in CIF are welcome. Rough agenda:

(1) Short report from the chair
 - Noteworthy developments over the last 3 years
 - Feedback from meeting with IUCr executive
 - The next 3 years
 - proposed dictionaries: high pressure, materials structure
(2) Formation of Standing Committee on Data (John Helliwell)
(3) Update from wwPDB (John Westbrook)
(4) Interactions with NeXus (Herbert Bernstein, remotely or tabled)
(5) General discussion

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