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Re: 4 new proposed data items for the core CIF DIC

Dear Howard,

Somehow I seem to have become very busy in the last few days and I am 
only now getting around to answering all my email.

I have made a note of your suggestions for enantioexcess and 
dimensionless numbers (or should that be unitless numbers?).  I have 
been inundated with Acta Cryst. E papers (12 in the last 2 months) and 
the wires have been humming with pre-Florence discussions (which is a 
good thing), so I have not been able to get back to the core dictionary 
development.  I think that the chemistry side of the proposed changes 
should wait until we see which way CIF is going because it might be 
better to save these for a DDL3 dictionary which I expect to be soon 
under development.  However, the regular proposed changes to the 
coreCIF.dic should continue, though they may have to wait til September.

I hope to see you in Florence.

fn:I.David Brown
org:McMaster University;Brockhouse Institute for Materials Research
adr:;;King St. W;Hamilton;Ontario;L8S 4M1;Canada
title:Professor Emeritus
tel;work:+905 525 9140 x 24710
tel;fax:+905 521 2773

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