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[ddlm-group] testers for cifget version 1.1

Testers would be appreaciated for cifget version 1.1.  You will find
a kit at


The package includes E. Zlateva's perl script to download a dictionary and 
its required imports from a given URL and uses a modified version of Syd 
Hall's xchek to combine them into an expanded dictionary.

This version should be able to handle both August 2008 DDLm import 
specifications with parentheses ((...),(...),...} and October 2009 CIF2 
import specifications with braces {{...},{...}}

This code has been tried under Mac OS X 10.5  and under Slackware Linux.

If you get a chance to try this, please report both positive results on 
other platforms and problems on any platform to me.

Note:  This version used some files with fixed names and is not intended
to be used with multiple instances running in the same directory.  That 
will be fixed in a later release.

Thank you.

   Herbert J. Berntein

  Herbert J. Bernstein, Professor of Computer Science
    Dowling College, Kramer Science Center, KSC 121
         Idle Hour Blvd, Oakdale, NY, 11769


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