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Re: [ddlm-group] Relationship of CIF2 to legacy platforms

On 3/11/09 12:53 AM, "Joe Krahn" <krahn@niehs.nih.gov> wrote:

> Herbert,
> I am only suggesting that maintained Fortran code ought to be able to
> utilize F2003 STREAM I/O, supported by current versions of GFortran,
> Intel Fortran and Sun Fortran.
> Of course, I probably am not considering all of the issues. STREAM I/O
> avoids the need for a fixed maximum record length, but even the newest
> Fortran compilers have very limited UTF-8 support. Even with STREAM I/O,
> it is not trivial to count trailing blanks as significant.
> Maybe the biggest problem is UTF-8. IMHO, it makes sense for UTF-8 to be
> an optional encoding, rather than just declaring CIF2 is all UTF-8. This

Not sure what you gain by doing this. If it is pure ASCII only then the
declaration of UTF-8 inhibits nothing, since ASCII is a subset. If it is not
pure ASCII, then it needs to be UTF-8. I can't see how knowing in advance
that it is a subset of UTF-8 or possibly the full set of UTF-8 gives you



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