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[ddlm-group] Data names

When I first read the spec for STAR, my view was that the leading 
underscore for data item names is a prefix, the same as "data_" is a 
prefix and not part of the data block name. Obviously, CIF has taken the 
approach that the underscore is part of the name, so the leading 
underscores are everywhere, and not just in the CIF data-name tokens.

The CIF approach is unlikely to change, but perhaps dREL expressions 
would be easier to read if the leading underscore was optional. The 
relevance here is that this idea would require restrictions on the first 
character following the underscore not being a 2nd underscore.

Also, some implementations may want to treat the period like a structure 
member access. If so, should the period require adjacent non-period 
characters? For example, should these be allowed:


I assume that these should be allowed, but perhaps it could cause 
problems in dREL?

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