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[ddlm-group] Result of concatenation operator vote

My count is 2 in favour, 4 against, with Simon (whose vote doesn't appear to have come in) potentially making that 3 in favour and 4 against.  These are not entirely convincing numbers for either side. However, although the proponents of the concatenation operator are free to address COMCIFS on this question, a replay of this vote within COMCIFS would lead to at least 3 opposed and at least one in favour, with Nick's opposition making it (at best) a 4-2 vote against.  So, I suggest that at this point we delay any further consideration of concatenation until COMCIFS has approved CIF2.

In a subsequent email I will therefore put the current CIF2 spec to a DDLm group vote, and assuming it passes will present it to COMCIFS for final approval.
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