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Re: [ddlm-group] Eliding in triple-quoted strings: Proposals CandD . .. .

On Friday, January 07, 2011 1:50 PM, SIMON WESTRIP wrote:
>If the main purpose of the python proposal is to eliminate the possibility of
>not being able to delimit a string, then perhaps the answer is simply to adopt
>an inherent line-folding protocol for treble-quoted values, reducing the
>escape sequences to
>c) \(newline) (represents nothing; that is, it is consumed and ignored)
>d) \\        (represents a single backslash (same as \u0062))
>as in John's scheme?

Simon, you have out-minimalized me.  Those elides alone are indeed enough to allow triple-quote delimiters to be escaped, provided that they are applied after lexing, as my proposal specifies.

I don't see how we can get any lighter-weight than that in the Python-like set of proposals.  I would be willing to support that if the group doesn't see value in including \uxxxx and \Uxxxxxxxx forms.

I would also be willing to support James's Proposals C and A, and I would support his proposal B if he dropped the [uU] sigil (thus making Unicode escapes a general feature of triple-quoted strings).

I am not sure how I would rank these relative to each other and to my own proposal.

>At least this line-folding protocol has a precedence?

I don't see what you mean, unless it's my rule (4) that the elides are processed after lexical analysis / tokenization.


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