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[ddlm-group] Draft of proposed change to syntax document

Dear DDLm participants,

Here is a proposed text for a COMCIFS vote.  I will mark up the text
and get Brian to post it on the IUCr website following your editorial

We propose that Change 7 in the current draft is replaced by the following text:

Change 7 - NEW

The ASCII """ sequence (alternatively ASCII ''') delimits the
beginning of a string that may
contain any printable character and whitespace, including embedded
<eol> characters, and is terminated by the first subsequent
""" sequence (alternatively '''). The string can contain separable "
and "" characters, (alternatively ' and '').
Clearly, the string within cannot contain an ASCII """ (or
alternatively ASCII ''').
For example
"""He said "His name is O'Hearly"."""
'''In {\bf \TeX} the accents are \' and \".'''
The string values are,
He said "His name is O'Hearly". and
In {\bf \TeX} the accents are \' and \".

Two speqial character sequences are defined: <backslash><backslash>
and <backslash><eol>.
<backslash><backslash> represents a single <backslash> character.
<backslash><eol> sequences are removed
from the string completely.  For example:

"""This string contains a single \\ and \
no newline"""

has string value

This string contains a single \ and no newline

and the string

"""An embedded ""\
" triple-quoted string ""\
" is easy to produce"""

has string value

An embedded """ triple-quoted string """ is easy to produce


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