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Re: [ddlm-group] Vote on moving elide discussion to COMCIFS. .. .. .

Dear Herbert,

On Monday, February 21, 2011 4:11 PM, you  wrote:
>   Thank you, that was very helpful.

I am pleased to hear it.

>                                      To summarize those messages,
>a majority on COMCIFS made a proposal to make the treble-quoted
>strings agree with those of Python.  The reasons given were:
>"such informal
>descriptions are never as reliable as an actual implementation,
>in particular one that's been around for many years and is used
>by millions of people."  (Ralf)
>  "meaningful adoption of DDLm/CIF2 will require embracing
>and leveraging existing technologies as much as possible." (John W.)
>"I find it [counter-intuitive] and unproductive to adopt something
>that looks very much like the python treble quoted
>string but which follows confusingly different rules." (HJB)
>The responses you cite did not seem to address those issues.  Was
>there a discussion on those issues that I missed?

>From where I sit it looks like one COMCIFS voting member made a proposal, a different one supported it -- strongly -- during the ensuing discussion, and a third voiced vague general support in his only contribution, but ultimately favored a position ("minimal changes") inconsistent with that proposal.  Meanwhile, the other COMCIFS voting members who participated and all other participants opposed the proposal.  In the end, of five COMCIFS voting members who voted, only two favored proposal P over *any* of its seven (!) proposed alternatives.

I am not confident that any of the opinions you quoted received direct responses during the discussion, but that is irrelevant.  They were raised and there is every reason to believe they were heard.  If they were not persuasive to most of the participants, then that means those participants either assigned greater weight to other factors or simply disagreed.  Simon has just provided examples of some of the possible grounds for doing so.



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