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Re: discussion list

I am delighted to see that the message from Yves
which reached me as a multipart MIME message full of irritating codes (as
viewed in elm) has been archived by MHonArc with proper accented characters
- the archiving software is clearly more MIME-aware than elm!
> This is a multipart MIME message.
> --===_0_Wed_Nov_26_11:41:50_NFT_1997
> Content-Type: text/plain; charset=us-ascii
> Dear Brian and Howard,
>  ...
> --===_0_Wed_Nov_26_11:41:50_NFT_1997
> Bienvenue dans la liste cru@cru.fr
> Vous venez de vous abonner ou de vous réabonner à la liste
> cru@cru.fr, ce document a pour objet de vous informer des
> conditions d'utilisation de ce service gratuit.
>  ...


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