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Re: -all

Howard asks:
> For the command "index" there is an option [-all].
> I receive the same output whether I put -all or not. Does anyone know
> what it is intended to do?

The -all option will generate a list of all the subarchives of a specified
archive. The system has been set up so that all archives are stored as
subarchives of the "LISTPROC" archive. If you connect using ilp and ask
"index" you will get a list of the available subarchives (the only ones of
immediate interest to us are epc-l and possibly "test"). If you ask
"index -all" you will in addition get the contents of all the subarchives.

I think it's up to the system manager when setting up the list whether an
archive is a top-level or a subarchive (it's really just a question of the
hierarchical level of directories in which particular discussions are
archived). I've stuck with the default, which is to make everything a
subarchive of "LISTPROC", but we might choose differently for a production


(Who might no longer exist as a contributor to this list, in which case I
should at least learn something about the system's rejection messages!)

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