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How I'm getting on

I hit one stupid syntax problem:
  For ordinary requests one has to put /password
  whereas for owner-only request one has to put  password.
Having learnt how to do the ordinary requests and not having paid
attention to the documentation, I typed, of course, /password for a
owner-only request.

 The system documentation being a bit thick, I could not stop myself
from trying things out before reading the doc. 
 For the edit command, the help documentation one receives by the
command help does not tell you which files owner is allowed to edit. I
guessed correctly that by sending 
   edit epc-l password
that the error message would give me a clue. It did:
> : No such file.
> Files that can be obtained: subscribers/aliases/ignored/news/peers/info/welcome

 but it might be a good idea to include this list as part of the output
of help

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