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Re: IUCr Web services

Dear Yves

Following Howard's reorganisation of CWW, I have scanned some of the SinCris
pages to see whether they need to be modified in a similar fashion. There
are certainly some absolute links that should be changed. Many of the
problems lie with the "What's new" page and links; it may be that this
could be dropped now, if you feel able to rely on Howard's alerts page. I have
made the following notes:

In /sincris-top/index.html  (the SinCris entry page)

   It would be best (as with CWW) to drop the list of mirrors from your
page, since the set of accredited IUCr mirrors will grow, and is maintained
on the IUCr home page and in the mirrors.html frame for users who access the
service with frames.

   In any case, the links should be given to machine names of the form
http://www.xx.iucr.org/, where at present xx may be fr, se, us or za (Geneva
is currently off the official list, though Howard is still doing local
mirroring for maintenance).

   Then the reference URL for SinCris should be

   The link under "Information Exchange" to the XVIIth IUCr General Assembly
may be removed or changed to /iucr-top/cong/17/iucr/index.html (since the
Seattle pages are now mirrored at Chester and hence on the other IUCr sites).

In /sincris-top/editor.html  (the SinCris editor page)

The section on Distribution should be deleted or modified to describe the
current mirroring arrangements.

In /sincris-top/hot/new.html  (SinCris "what's new" page)

   The logos and links in the top navigation bar are wrong. They read:

<A HREF="http://www.lmcp.jussieu.fr/iucr-top/welcome.html">
<IMG SRC="iucrhome.gif" ALT="[IUCr Home Page]" >
</A><A HREF="http://www.lmcp.jussieu.fr/iucr-top/welcome.html">&nbsp;
<A HREF="http://www.lmcp.jussieu.fr/cww-top/crystal.index.html">
<IMG SRC="crisvl.gif" ALT="[CWW Home Page]" ></A></A>
<A HREF="http://www.lmcp.jussieu.fr/cww-top/crystal.index.html">&nbsp;</A>
<A HREF="http://www.lmcp.jussieu.fr/sincris-top/index.html">&nbsp;
<A HREF="http://www.lmcp.jussieu.fr/sincris-top/index.html">
<IMG SRC="sincris.gif" ALT="[SInCris Home Page]" ></A></A>&nbsp;&nbsp;

They should be in the (rather more compact!) form

<A HREF="/iucr-top/welcome.html">
<IMG SRC="/iucr-top/logos/iucrhome.gif" ALT="[IUCr Home Page]"></A>
<A HREF="/cww-top/crystal.index.html">
<IMG SRC="/iucr-top/logos/crisvl.gif" ALT="[CWW Home Page]" ></A>
<A HREF="/sincris-top/index.html">
<IMG SRC="/iucr-top/logos/sincris.gif" ALT="[SInCris Home Page]" >

There are also the following absolute links to http://www.lmcp.jussieu.fr
that should be changed to relative links:

Starting June 19th 1997 all news in SInCris will also be posted in
<A HREF="http://www.lmcp.jussieu.fr/cww-top/crystal.whatsnew.html"
CWW</a>section of the IUCr Information services.</A>

(should be HREF="/cww-top/crystal.whatsnew.html" and there is a missing ">")

<A NAME="soft"></A><A HREF="http://www.lmcp.jussieu.fr/sincris/top/logiciel/">

(should be HREF="/sincris-top/logiciel/")

<H2> <A NAME="ex_fr"></A>
<A HREF="http://www.lmcp.jussieu.fr/sincris_fr/echange/france/index_en.html">
Information about France</A></H2>

(This one's OK, because it's a pointer to your French section; but the first
entry in the list is an empty <LI> tag that you should delete.)

<A NAME="ex_in"></A>
<A HREF="http://www.lmcp.jussieu.fr/sincris-top/echange/international/">
International Information</A></H2>

(should be HREF="/sincris-top/echange...")

<A HREF="http://www.lmcp.jussieu.fr/sincris-top/echange/international/
index.html#europe">European Organizations</A></LI>

(should be HREF="/sincris-top/echange...")

<A NAME="dist" </a></A><A HREF="http://www.lmcp.jussieu.fr/sincris-top/echange/
international/listes/listcrys.html">Distribution lists</A></LI>

(should be HREF="/sincris-top/echange...")

<A NAME="www"></A><A HREF="http://www.lmcp.jussieu.fr/sincris-top/themes/">
WWW servers, databases....</A></H2>

(should be HREF="/sincris-top/themes...")

Starting May 12th Education and vendors sections are maintained in
<A HREF="http://www.lmcp.jussieu.fr/cww-top/crystal.index.html">
Crystallography World Wide</A>

(should be HREF="/cww-top/crystal...") (also, May 12th 1997)

<A HREF="http://www.lmcp.jussieu.fr/sincris-top/themes/">General</A></LI>

(should be HREF="/sincris-top/themes...")

<name="bio"</a><A HREF=

(should be HREF="/sincris-top/themes...")

<name="chem"><A HREF=

(should be HREF="/sincris-top/themes...")

<name="min"><A HREF=

(should be HREF="/sincris-top/themes...")

<name="phys"><A HREF=

(should be HREF="/sincris-top/themes...")

<HR>November 27  1997 -
<A HREF="http://www.lmcp.jussieu.fr/sincris-top/editor.html">SInCris
Editor</A> - <B>Copyright &copy; International Union of Crystallography</B>

(should be HREF="/sincris-top/editor.html")

In /sincris-top/logiciel/result.html  (software full list page)

The link at the foot of the page to the logo "/icons/fac.gif" is
non-portable. Change to "../fac.gif" or "/sincris-top/logos/fac.gif"

There are a number of links on this page to individual html pages at
Can they be changed to relative links? This should be possible if your
software database is accessed only through the SinCris web pages.

I should still like to see the queries to the SinCris database returning
pages with relative links, so that the Swedish site, for example, could
query the SinCris database and have pages returned bearing the Swedish IUCr
logo and links to other files on the Swedish machine. I'm sure this must be
possible (as is done with the Chester pages).

In /sincris-top/index.html  (SinCris home page again)

The link under "Search by keywords" again points to Paris. Can it not be a
relative link, with the glimpse forms on subsequent pages having as their
ACTION a database query at Paris that returns URLs and internal links to the
originating mirror? Or does the glimpse mechanism not permit this?

In /sincris-top/themes/index.html  (SinCris home page again)

   The navigation bar has incorrect logos and links (as on the "What's New"
page) and the contents list has several absolute links to lmcp.jussieu.
There are several other cases on this page (like the links to the IUCr
journals) where relative URLs are needed.

In /sincris-top/themes/biologie/index.html  (biology page)

   The navigation bar again has incorrect logos and links. The link to the
"What's new page" is absolute. "Webb" should be spelled "Web". The link to
the SinCris editor at the bottom of the page is an absolute one.

In /sincris-top/themes/chimie/index.html  (chemistry page)

   The navigation bar again has incorrect logos and links. The link to the
"What's new page" is absolute. "Webb" should be spelled "Web". The link to
the SinCris editor at the bottom of the page is an absolute one.

In /sincris-top/themes/mineralogie/index.html  (mineralogy page)

"Webb" should be spelled "Web". The other links seem OK.

In /sincris-top/themes/physique/index.html  (physics page)

"Webb" should be spelled "Web". The other links seem OK.

In /sincris-top/themes/autre/index.html  (other topics page)

"Webb" should be spelled "Web". The other links seem OK.

Hope these notes are of some use.


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