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Re: Archive of discussion list

I have now read through the documentation for mhonarc, the mail archiving
software that I use for constructing the list archive on the web. It is an
exceptionally flexible program (and consequently requires much effort to
master all its intricacies), but I have now mastered most of its
functionality that we might wish to use.

One consequence is that the layout of the web pages has changed. There is
great flexibility in the way the pages can be laid out. The most notable
changes are that 

   - The primary index is now the thread index (this seems more useful than
     an unbroken list of message headers)
   - Indexes are in reverse chronological order (thread openings are in
     reverse order, but the contributions within each thread run forward in
   - Howard's description of the list has been added to each index page
   - Index listings are more compact
   - Each message has its own <TITLE> and copyright line
   - The archive is now update incrementally as each new contribution is

I hope you find these changes to be useful.

Best wishes

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