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WDC - Updating procedure

Yesterday I undertook a complete revision of the "Crystallographers'
Home Pages" in CWW at /cww-top/people.index.html . Initially this page
contained links to the home pages of anyone who sent me a working
personal URL as at the time WDC did not have them in the database. Since
CWW is now an integral part of the pan-crystallography web system and
personal URLs have been included in WDC, a large part of my list doubled
up the content of WDC and it seemed appropriate to consider what use (if
any) the list could have in the future. As I was thinking about this, I
was sent three or four new URLs, having not received any for two or
three months now. Apparently the list still has some appeal.

  What I have done in the revised list is to include working URLs for
persons who have no entry in WDC. I have included at the top of the page
an explicative text saying that the list is only available for those not
yet having an entry in WDC. I give a link to the 'data entry
formalities' for WDC. It takes me a very small amount of time to add a
new entry in the list if it is submitted in the requested way. I intend
to maintain the list in this form for the time being although in the
long run I would like to close it down and to see its functionality
incorporated into WDC.

  There seems to be a need to clarify the data modification and perhaps
even the data submission procedures for WDC. The data submission
formalities available on the web server explain how to submit a new
entry but do not come clean on what procedure is available for updating.
>From time to time people send me updated information and I am always at
a loss to know what to do. The presence of the database on the web has
as always increased user expectations that the online system contains up
to date information which one should be able to modify through a simple
(moderated?) procedure. 

  The submission of new entries is still running through the national
and regional editors. This system produced its results for the
batch-mode preparation of the printed versions but would seem to me to
be excessively slow for the needs of an online database.

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