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Re: IUCr Policy on the Creation and Management of Discussion Lists

  • To: Multiple recipients of list <epc-l@iucr.org>
  • Subject: Re: IUCr Policy on the Creation and Management of Discussion Lists
  • From: Howard Flack <Howard.Flack@cryst.unige.ch>
  • Date: Tue, 27 Jan 1998 15:47:17 GMT
(1) E-mail to Executive Secretary from EPC chair

Dear Mr Executive Secretary,

  The EPC wishes to bring to the attention of the IUCr Executive
Committee the new online "IUCr Discussion List" service. This provides
facilities for e-mail based discussion lists on topics relevant to the
Union and the field of crystallography.

  Full implementation details are to be found at
http://www.iucr.org/iucr-top/lists/ and in particular
http://www.iucr.org/iucr-top/lists/policy.html contains the document
"IUCr Policy on the Creation and Management of Discussion Lists" for
which we are seeking the approval of the Executive Committee. The
content of this document may require some adjustment in the light of
experience gained after deployment of the service.

  I have authorized the R&D officier to go ahead with the deployment of
the service.

  The list server software is free of charge but has a limit of 10
separate distribution lists. For more than 10 lists we would have to
purchase the commercial version of the software. The R&D officer will be
pleased to give you information on the current price. 

Best wishes,
  H.D. Flack - Chair of the IUCr committee on electronic publication,
dissemination and storage of information.

(2) E-mail to R&D Officer from EPC chair.

Dear Mr. R & D Officer,
  As chair person of the IUCr's committee on electronic publishing,
dissemination and storage of information, I hereby authorize you to open
officially the IUCr's discussion list service using mail-server software
now installed in Chester.
  I shall be writing to the executive secretary shortly so that he can
inform the executive committee of this new service and seek comments and
approval for the document "Policy on the Creation and Management of
Discussion Lists".
Best wishes,
  H.D. Flack

PS I think an announcement in "What's New", the IUCr Newsletter and a
circular to commissions and committees would be in order. Here is a
proposed text for "What's New".


  The International Union of Crystallography (IUCr) is pleased to
announce its new online service for e-mail-based discussion groups on
topics relevant to the Union and the field of crystallography. The
service is operated by way of a list server operated from the IUCr
offices in Chester, UK.

  Full implementation details and a policy document may be found at <A
and mirror servers. 
  Each list can be public, private or restricted (to members of a
committee), moderated or unmoderated, with either a public or private
automatic archive. Web interfaces are available for a user's
administrative interaction with the lists (subscribing, unsubscribing,
etc) and for consulting the list archive. 

Howard Flack        http://www.unige.ch/crystal/ahdf/Howard.Flack.html
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