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Re: IUCr Policy on the Creation and Management of Discussion Lists

Speaking about discussion lists I must remind you of the existence of the old
IUCR list managed by M. Teeter and running on my machine.

Martha has been doing nothing since more than one year but some people still
register or ask for information about it.

Shall we reinstall at Chester a general IUCr list?

The Martha list was mainly used to disseminate post-doc annoucmements and
positions but also other subjects which may be often fund in the Xtallography

Thus from that point of view it seems useless to maintain it.

However a number of scientists are not aware or do not know how to access
newsgroups. Other have no means to access newsgroups because there is no
newsserver in their environment. The advantage of a list is its accessibility.

Thus should not we move the long list that I have to Chester, nominate a manager
(I am ready to take this role) and activate it again. The subject could be
devoted to jobs and general questions. It would duplicate the newsgroup in
someways but it may be useful for another population.

I do not have personaly a definitive feeling on this matter.


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