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Re: Paperwork for neXus

> Now that we are agreed in principle on the way to implement neXus, I suggest
> that at least two things need to be done:
> (1) we should check that we are able to supply a web browser on the CD-ROM
> (2) we should generate a standard request letter explaining the purpose of
> the project and asking permission to mirror individual software suites on
> the IUCr web and the neXus CD-ROM.

> Can Lachlan and Yves investigate this and report back?

Yes, I will.

> Note also that the Netscape suite will occupy a significant portion of the
> ever-shrinking free space on the CD-ROM.

Distribute netscape once on another  (or first) CD?

> For (2) I would like to request Yves to produce a first draft that we could
> all look at and review. The letter should describe briefly the aims of the
> neXus project, and request permission to copy an author's web and/or ftp
> site onto the IUCr master server and its satellites, and redistribute it on
> CD-ROM. Ideally we would ask the author for a set of STABLE URLs from which
> we would continually mirror the most current release version of the software.
> I would guess that authors might wish to know under what terms their
> material would be redistributed (specifically whether the IUCr would charge
> for redistributed copies), and so it might also be useful for us to discuss
> the preferred charging model for the CD-ROM at this stage.

Let us discuss this point first. A few directions:

- distribution is free as long as the receiving person uses the software for
academic purpose. The receiver cannot distribute modified versions of the
software without prior agreement of the author.

- the author has no responsibility for the validity of the computation. The
software is delivered without warranty.

- There is no obligation for the author to maintain the software.

- the author does not transfer the copy rights of the software.

What else?


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