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Re: Crystallography Journals Online

On the point of mirroring the Journals infor:

I am presently setting up a CCP14 partial mirror in Canada and once
you have an account (and control of the relevant Webserver - which
can be run in user mode) - it is not looking that difficult.
(though it did take a few days to put security stuff on it like
Secure Shell, etc)

If there was an interest in trying something this out - I would be
happy to offer the CCP14 server as a test.  One thing I would
have to query on the Apache newsgroup is whether Apache running
in user mode (port above 1024) could be aliased to look like
it is running on a privaledged port on a "virtual host" - i.e., journals.uk.iucr.org.
I believe this is possible - but will have to wait until I finish
getting this IUCr Virtual internet done for the Glasgow Congess.

Once the first mirror is setup - in theory it is relatively easy to
create the 2nd mirror and beyond.  The trick would be to have
auto-updating of the config files from Chester that have all the
permissions set in.  With this in mind, optimising which web-server
software to use could be a consideration to be checked out.


PS:  May have to update my 18 Gig webserver disc to a 50 Gig or
so with all the test material that is accumulating.  hard to
convince people in network support that a Gig is now a trivial
amount of hard-disk space.

> I have very few things to add to the other comments.
> One suggestion for the HTML pages : the figures should be interlaced
> gifs which makes the time to recover them more tolerable.
> The main questions are :
> - control of access or how will the IUCr recovers its money
> - problem of mirrors. There will be some difficulties to access the
> journals in different parts of the world. Quality of service is
> important. For instance it is 9 a.m. central european time and the link
> is very, very slow. It was acceptable in the afternoon yesterday.
> - which aditional services should be included in these pages.
> In any case this should be presented at Glasgow. You did an excellent
> job.
> Yves
> Pete Strickland a =E9crit :
> > =
> > Dear All
> > =
> > Crystallography Journals Online
> > -------------------------------
> > =
> > Work on the pilot version of our online journals service
> > has been progressing in Chester and we now have a number
> > of journal issues available at the address:
> > =
> > http://journals.iucr.org/
> > =
> > You will see that we have named the service "Crystallography
> > Journals Online" and we are also proposing that we work towards
> > naming the entire IUCr web services "Crystallography Online".
> > =
> > There are some translation problems to be overcome and some services
> > (e.g. email alerting/details of forthcoming papers) that are not yet
> > in place. However, we consider that the service will be sufficiently
> > developed for display at Glasgow.
> > =
> > We will propose to the EC that the service should replace the
> > proposed Healthgate service. We are currently looking at the
> > financial considerations of hosting the service ourselves (using
> > an internet service provider with a 10 Mb connection) or with a
> > third party. We are in discussion with Turpin distribution
> > (a subsidiary of the Royal Society of Chemistry), Institute of Physics
> > and the American Institute of Physics.
> > =
> > I would be grateful for your comments on the current service and
> > any suggestions for improvements and extra services.
> > =
> > Best wishes
> > Peter
> -- =
>    Professor Yves Epelboin, LMCP, Universit=E9 P.M. Curie, =
>    case 115, 75252 Paris Cedex 05, France
>    phone : +33 (0)1 4427 5211  fax : +33 (0)1 4427 3785
>    URL http://www.lmcp.jussieu.fr/~epelboin/

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