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[Fwd: ICSTI-ISSN Project : Data Update]

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Date: Wed, 14 Jun 2000 16:17:43 +0200
From: Slawek Rozenfeld <rozenfeld@ISSN.ORG>
Subject: ICSTI-ISSN Project : Data Update
Approved-by: crandall@DTIC.MIL
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  UPDATE  (June 2000)

The description of the project can be found in :
Joint ICSTI-ISSN Project on Information
from Abstracting and Indexing Services
to be included in the ISSN Register

The implementation of this project is a major
component of the ISSN Portal which provides
online access to resources or services linked
to any given ISSN present in the ISSN REGISTER.
The framework of this Portal is based on the
URN RFCs from IETF and includes resolution
techniques which allow to map a given ISSN
with URLs addressing different sorts of resources.

In this context the ICSTI-ISSN project gives now
the possibility to use the ISSN Portal as an access
to serial resources identified by an ISSN  covered
by ICSTI A&I services.
A plug-in has been developped to use the ISSN
as an access code to electronic resourses
For example entering  urn:ISSN:XXXX-XXXX in the
address box of a browser enables access to the
bibliographic record, the original resource for
 electronic journals, and the WEB home
pages of the A&I services which cover and
store the serial articles in their data bases.
A  demonstrator presented at the last
ICSTI General Assembly (Columbus Ohio,
 May 2000) is using data received from ICSTI
 members  from 1997 to 1999.
This demonstrator is still in development
and it would be worth to rebuild an updated
and consistent   ISSN/ICSTI Directory
to give access to relevant  data.

 This data is not to be made public before having
 established an  agreements between the ISSN
 International Centre and the  ICSTI members.

 Therefore, if you wish to participate or continue to
 participate to this project

  Please be kind to  :
-  Inform us by E-mail with the following information
Name of your Institution ( and its acronym)
Type : Secondary Service or Publisher
Names of your databases with the number of ISSN
covered in each one
The URL of the WEB page to be accessed when
your Service/Institution is retrieved as
covering/publishing a serial  a given ISSN which
is searched through the Portal.

- Send us an ASCII  file of covered ISSN followed by the
country code on 2 or 3 characters  (when possible)
 If possible if the serial is an Online one add its URL
example : XXXX-XXXX CCC  /www.xxxxx.yyy
and a CR/LF code.

This file can be sent either in form of an E-mail attachment,
or by FTP to our FTP server.

E-mail  : rozenfeld@issn.org
FTP     : ftp.issn.org  (anonymous) in the \incoming\ICSTI directory

When received, the data will be processed to update our
ICSTI-ISSN directories.
Meanwhile we are preparing a draft for bilateral agreements between
ICSTI members and the ISSN International Centre which may allow to
make the data available to external users in an acceptable
manner for all parties.

If you are interested in our URN demonstrator you can download
the plug-in at http://urn.issn.org/urn/

With many thanks for your co-operation

Mr. Slawek Rozenfeld
Head, Computer Section

ISSN International Centre
Centre International de l'ISSN
Head, Computer Section



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