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Re: Legal deposit libraries

> Should the IUCr allow free electronic access to its journals from a
> legal deposit library?
> To what 'domain' should this free e-access be limited? (i.e. only inside
> the library or the whole of parent institution).

I would asy free unlimited access within the legal deposite library
within their library site domain.  (as if it were a conventional paper book)

Am I correct that the legal deposit library will also have
an electronic copy they will be archiving and
accessing from thier system?  (this would
very much make this worth it - plus giving unlimited
access within the library would allow the system to be tested)
Not much fun finding out 10 years later that their digital
system has the equivalent of book worm.

I would be of the vibe that all legal deposit libraries
should be giving the above.  But it may be more
sensible to initially decide on a case3 by case basis
with the default being yes.


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