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Photocopy licences for UK Higher Education

Mike Dacombe forwarded the following to me. I'd be interested in hearing
everyone's comments especially
 cc J. Helliwell

Sally Morris wrote:

> As you no doubt know, the Committee of Vice-Chancellors and Principals
> (CVCP) of the UK universities - now renamed Universities UK - has referred
> the Copyright Licensing Agency to the Copyright Tribunal in relation to its
> photocopying licence for UK Higher Education.   You can find full details on
> the CLA website at http://www.cla.co.uk
> The UUK contention is that the CLA licence is unfair and far too expensive,
> and they would like to see the rate per student reduced to about a tenth of
> its current level, and for course pack copying to be included in the flat
> fee (at present, this type of copying is paid for on a transactional basis).
> This would not only have the effect of dramatically reducing the income to
> authors and publishers from this source.  In addition, it would make
> photocopying such an attractive option that purchases of books and journals
> could only suffer severely.   The knock-on effect on other CLA licences
> would make the whole enterprise unviable, so that 'one-stop' licensing would
> disappear and universities would have to go back to dealing with publishers
> individually.
> The CLA is gathering its evidence for the hearing, which will most likely
> take place after the summer.  It would be enormously helpful to have letters
> of support from those ALPSP members which are learned societies, since you
> represent both the academic community and its publishing interests.  If a
> senior UK academic within your organisation would be willing to write such a
> letter, either to me or direct to the CLA, that would be enormously helpful.
> Many thanks
> Sally
> Sally Morris, Secretary-General
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