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A message from the Executive Director of ICSTI, Barry Mahon:

1. Winter Meeting Report

The Winter Meeting took place in Paris January 12 to 14.

The following items were discussed/decided.

There will be a technical session at the Annual Meeting in Munich  on May
4th. The topic will be STI and Patent Offices and will cover the needs of
the Offices for STI and their plans for obtaining it, especially in the
light of the move to electronic delivery.

There will be a discussion in Munich on the ICSTI Strategic Plan and its

There will a technical session to coincide with the Winter meeting 2002
(dates to be announced) on the implications of EU Directives affecting the
information sector, especially the Database Directive and the forthcoming
Copyright Directive.

The TACC heard progress reports on the Life Science project, the
IUPAC-CODATA project and the ISSN project (which will be demonstrated at
Munich). There was also a discussion on the project being undertaken by the
Ingenta Institute on behalf of ICSTI to provide quantitative information on
article distribution and its effect on journal subscriptions which will be
further reported at Munich. Michael Breaks will be the ICSTI representative
on the project committee.

The Information Policy committee discussed the knowledge management
practises of Members as identified from the results of a questionnaire. It
also discussed the archiving study - there will be a further report in
Munich.  ICSTI Needs to remain involved in OAIS standards development.

The Web site will be used for discussions between Members, there is a
facility there which will notify Members when new items are submitted.

There will be a meeting of ICSTI Members in the margins of the forthcoming
ICSU/UNESCO meeting on Electronic Publishing in Science (Feb 20 - 23).

It was agreed that the IPC should act as an input for project ideas for
TACC with the Executive Director providing background information on
suitable topics.

2. Hybrid library project report -
(I haven't looked at this myself yet, anybody any comments/information?)

The BUILDER Hybrid Library Project (funded under the UK Government's eLib
programme) has just released its final evaluation report. BUILDER aimed to
develop a working model of the hybrid library within both a teaching and
research context, seamlessly integrating access to a wide range of printed
and electronic information sources, local and remote, using a web-based
interface, and in a way which will be universally applicable.
URL:   HYPERLINK "http://inf2.pira.co.uk/base02t.htm#hlp"

3. UNESCO request

The UNESCO Executive Board at its 160th session adopted the decision (160
EX/Decision 3.3.2) in which it invited the Director General to undertake a
feasibility study on the commemoration of a World Science Day for Peace and

The primary objective of the feasibility study is to provide the UNESCO's
Executive Board with sufficient information to make a decision as to
whether or not to celebrate a World Science Day  for Peace and Development.
It will be shaped by input from a broad consultation with a range of
stakeholders and it will be submit to the Executive Board at its 161st
Session. For this purpose, I would be very grateful if you would kindly
participate to this consultation by filling the INTERNET based
questionnaire you can find at the following address not later than 13
February 2001:   HYPERLINK "http://www.unesco.org/pao/quest/qsen.htm"

Stephanie de La Rochefoucauld, Admin.
51 boulevard de Montmorency
75016 Paris, France
Tel. +33 1 45 25 65 92
Fax: +33 1 42 15 12 62


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