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[Fwd: EU Copyright Directive - latest]

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Comments: To: Roger.Bowes@ASLIB.COM

I believe that it is fair to comment that not all ICSTI members agree with the position stated in this message.  Indeed, it is not clear to me that even a simple majority of ICSTI member organizations agree with this position.  I urge ICSTI to represent the interests of all of its membership with a more balanced statement regarding the Copyright Directive.

Tim Ingoldsby
Director of Business Development
American Institute of Physics
Suite 1NO1, 2 Huntington Quadrangle
Melville, NY 11747-4501
Phone:  +1 516 576 2266
Fax:  +1 516 576 2327

>>> Roger.Bowes@ASLIB.COM 02/02/01 05:40AM >>>
        FYI - A simple note of explanation sent to the "Sunday Business"
newspaper  for publication - and of course we have also written to the Legal
Affairs Committee etc in a different vein.

        A balance in Copyright law (the Copyright Directive) between the
protection of the commercial interests of writers and publishers on the one
hand and on the other fair use by researchers and educationalists sustaining
the growth in our knowledge base is crucial. After two years hard work by
teams and individuals from both sides a common position was achieved. Now,
within days of the EP passing the Directive the EC Legal Affairs Committee
is being asked to vote through some 200 amendments  many of them on behalf
of powerful groups to secure more protection which will seriously interfere
with education and library users. The worst blow for libraries is the
proposal that Article 5.2(c), the exception covering library copying, should
be limited yet again to archiving and conservation only. They have even
attached the "fair compensation clause" for something which does them no
harm!!! - except of course their action will harm them in the long run as
most enlightened publishers appreciate. An example of the misguided or
should one say unthinking damage by some MEP's is that of MEP Rothley,
German (PES socilist group) who "spoke vehemently" ending " if libraries
don't pay then it becomes a free-for-all", or MEP Echerer, Austrian (Green
Party) "why should the rightsholders pay for the disabled instead of
society". These outbursts have come after years of constructing a carefully
crafted Directive by all sides and which inevitably has had to include a
huge diminution of freedoms brought about by powerful commercial and
political interests. Against these interests are ranged a few bodies like
Aslib and thousands of dedicated individuals, but who do you think has the
most clout?

          Roger Bowes
          Chief Executive

        Aslib is the leading corporate Information Management Association in
the World with Commercial and non-commercial members on both sides of the
copyright equation throughout the World.
                Roger Bowes
                Chief Executive
                ASLIB - IMI
                Staple Hall
                Stone House Court
                London EC3A 7PB

                Tel: +44 (0)20 7903 0000
                Fax: +44 (0)20 7903 0011
                Email: roger.bowes@aslib.com

                Roger Bowes
                Chief Executive
                ASLIB - IMI
                Staple Hall
                Stone House Court
                London EC3A 7PB

                Tel: +44 (0)20 7903 0000
                Fax: +44 (0)20 7903 0011
                Email: roger.bowes@aslib.com

> ----------
> From:         Barry Mahon[SMTP:mahons1@EIRCOM.NET]
> Reply To:     ICSTI-L list
> Sent:         01 February 2001 18:25
> Subject:      EU Copyright Directive - latest
> The proposed Directive to 'harmonise' copyright legislation in the EU is
> entering its latest and crucial phase in the European Parliament.
> There are a lot of amendments proposed to the 'common position' text
> reached by EU governments last year. Many are non controversial
> amendments of clarification but there is one which would affect the
> rights of libraries and researchers to make copies for private use - the
> so called fair dealing provision. There is a proposal that this right be
> limited to archive and conservation purposes only.
> The following article summarises some of the problems:
> http://news.findlaw.com/legalnews/s/20010123/europecopyright.html
> The library community in Europe is mounting a vigorous campaign to
> reverse the proposals.
> There is a real risk that the whole Directive could be shelved if the
> Parliament cannot reach agreement.
> There will be a vote of the Legal Affairs committee of the Parliament
> next Tuesday Feb. 6 which will be critical to further progress or not.
> Bye, Barry


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