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[Fwd: EUNIS 2001 Conference in Berlin 27-30 March]

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Subject: EUNIS 2001 Conference in Berlin 27-30 March
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Ladies and Gentlemen,
dear Colleagues,

As the EUNIS 2001 conference at the Humboldt University in Berlin has come=
to its end I may present a very short r=E9sum=E9, which I presented also in=
closing session in Berlin on 30 th March.

For the first time in the short history of EUNIS this conference has been
designed interdisciplinary, covering the application of Information
Technology (IT) in computing centres, libraries, multimedia centres,
and university management.

The idea is to focus on the university as a whole and to search for new
frontiers for the application of IT.

I visited as many presentations as I could and I spoke with numerous speake=
delegates and session chairmen, and they all spoke favourably of
the high standards of the presentations and their interdisciplinarity.

The presentations given at this conference gave us a feeling of the
dramatic changes that have been initiated in our universities with
regard to research, teaching, learning, and administration through
the digital revolution.

Meeting this challenge in our universities demands a continuous renewal,
reassessing of old procedures, devising new solutions, parting with
old patterns, and encouraging the professional growth.

So EUNIS will proceed to diversify their activities and we will discuss in
the EUNIS Board and General Assembly the creation of task forces on

- distance learning,
- Internet and telecommunication infrastructure,
- redesign of the EUNIS Web presence, developing it into a
   portal site for the European universities,
- security, privacy and encryption, Public Key infrastructure,
- information resources management
   and creating new infrastructures as
- EUNIS Academy as a pan-European activity for distance learning,
- EUNIS Publishing House.

All delegates are kindly asked to volunteer for these task forces.

We also have to support the cooperation with European corporations which
are involved in cooperation in Higher Education. In Europe we have 37 such
organisations. Several are very important for EUNIS, like the European
Rectors' Conference.

May I also remind that the president of ZKI, the German computer centre
organisation, Professor Paul, said in his talk on 29. March that he wishes =
expects EUNIS to be much stronger.

I therefore encourage the newly elected EUNIS Board to meet these
expectations and strengthen the user-orientation of EUNIS.

Concerning our conference, Peter Schirmbacher the Chair of the Organising=
Committee has brought our annual conference to a real European dimension, w=

more then 150 scientific and corporate presentations from 26 countries,
470 participants from 39 countries,
the Exhibition, and
the opening of the EUNIS Academy.

This conference tripled the figures of the EUNIS 2000 conference and=20
doubled the
figures of the largest conference we ever had before.

But this success is not enough. In Europe there are more than 1.000
universities with thousands of computer centres, media centres and
libraries. So I encourage the organizers of the EUNIS 2002 conference, the
University of Porto, to even surpass Peter's figures, maybe reaching up to
six or seven hundred or even more. A one-to-one relationship like EDUCAUSE
Conferences in US (in average one participant per university) should be our=

The EUNIS 2001-conference would not have been a success without help from=
so many
people who deserve our special thanks.

We thank our invited keynote speakers,
we thank the 150 speakers at our special and corporate sessions,
we thank all session chairmen.

Our dearest thanks go to Peter Schirmbacher and his team of 35
colleagues and students from the Humboldt University. Each of them spent
countless hours preparing the logistics and hosting this conference.
Everything worked out perfectly.

Ladies and gentlemen, I thank all participants for attending and
cooperating at this conference, and hope to see you again in Porto
in 2002.

With best regards
Jan Knop
EUNIS President


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