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For your information (I cut the long list of mainly university people in
the program committee, I trust you will find this on the site as well)
/Marie Wallin

>Date: Mon, 23 Apr 2001 15:06:25 -0500 (CDT)
>Reply-To: dl-info@csdl.tamu.edu
>Originator: dl-info@csdl.tamu.edu
>Sender: dl-info@csdl.tamu.edu
>From: Eun Kyo Park <ekpark@cstp.umkc.edu>
>To: Multiple recipients of list <dl-info@csdl.tamu.edu>
>Subject: ACM CIKM2001
>X-Comment: List for the discussion of digital libraries
>                    ACM CIKM 2001 CALL FOR PAPERS
>Tenth International Conference on Information and Knowledge Management
>                        November 5 -10, 2001
>            DoubleTree Hotel, Buckhead, Atlanta, GA, USA
>                      http://www.cikm.org/2001
>               Sponsored by ACM SIGIR and ACM SIGMIS
>CIKM has successfully brought together leading researchers and developers
>from several information and knowledge management areas, databases and
>information retrieval in particular. We will continue this tradition to
>foster further collaboration between information and knowledge management
>areas, defined broadly. We have special interest in papers that bridge
>traditionally separated areas such as databases and information retrieval
>or those that apply techniques from one area to another. Areas of interest
>include and are not limited to:
>Data and Knowledge Sharing
>Data Mining, Knowledge Discovery
>Data Warehouses, OLAP
>Distributed Object Management
>Digital Libraries
>Electronic Commerce
>Federated Information Systems
>Heterogeneous and Distributed Systems
>Hypertext and Hypermedia, Semi-Structured Data
>Intelligent Search
>Interactive Data Exploration
>Intelligent Information Systems
>Information Filtering and Summarization
>Information Visualization
>Information Classification and Organization
>Intelligent Agents
>Knowledge Management
>Mobile and Wireless Data Management
>Multimedia Databases
>Non-traditional Databases
>Paper Submission Instructions:
>Authors are invited to submit original, unpublished research papers that
>are not being considered in another forum. At least one author is required
>to attend the conference and present the paper.
>An electronically submitted abstract is expected prior to the submission of
>the full paper. Manuscripts should contain no more than 5000 words and be
>printed on 10 or 12 size font. Electronic submission of manuscripts (in
>PDF, postscript, or ASCII formats) is required. Submissions should include
>the paper title, abstract, name of authors, their affiliation, email
>address, and postal address. In addition, the author responsible for
>correspondence should include his/her telephone number and complete email
>address. Papers that bridge two areas should be marked as BRIDGE papers,
>and they will be reviewed jointly by the appropriate PC sub-areas. Detailed
>Instructions for electronic submission will be available at
>Database PC Co-Chair
>Prof. Ling Liu
>College of Computing, Georgia Tech
>801 Atlantic Dr.
>Atlanta, GA 30332-0280
>Phone: +1-404-894-9760
>Email: lingliu@cc.gatech.edu
>Information Retrieval PC Co-Chair
>Prof. David Grossman
>Dept. Computer Science, Illinois Institute of Tech.
>10 W. 31st Street
>Chicago, IL 60616
>Phone: +1-312-567-5261
>Email: grossman@iit.edu
>Important Dates:
>May 21, 2001 Electronic abstract due
>May 28, 2001 Full paper submission due
>Aug. 6, 2001 Notification of acceptance
>Sept. 3, 2001 (tentative)Camera ready copy due
>Panel Submission:
>We solicit proposals for panels on exciting, new and controversial issues
>related to the conference topics. Proposals on topics that emphasize the
>interaction between areas, such as DB and IR, are particularly welcome.
>Panel proposals must be debate-oriented and must
>pose specific questions that panelists can be called to answer. A list of
>probable participants with their affiliation should be included in the
>proposal. Panel proposals should be submitted to the panel chair, Leo Mark
>(leomark@cc.gatech.edu), by May 28, 2001.
>Tutorial Submission:
>Tutorial proposals should identify the intended audience, the scope and the
>depth of material to be covered. Past experience and successes of the
>presenter will be considered positively. We are particularly interested in
>tutorials that foster knowledge exchange among the different research
>communities present at CIKM. The time allocated for the tutorial is 4
>hours. The length of tutorial proposals should not exceed 5 pages. They
>should be submitted to the tutorial program
>chair by email (karl.aberer@epfl.ch) before May 28, 2001.
>Workshop Submission:
>We solicit proposals for workshops related to the conference topics.
>Proposals should be submitted to the workshops chair, Il-Yeol Song
>(song@drexel.edu) by May 28, 2001. A workshop proposal should include
>title, theme, procedures for call for papers, and the organizing committee


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