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Subject: FW: 2nd masterclas 10-13 september 2001
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Subject: 2nd masterclas 10-13 september 2001
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Amersfoort, 11-06-01

To the STM membership

2nd STM Master Class: Developing strategic business skills
10-13 September 2001,
Venue: Milton Hill Hall, near Oxford, UK
Course Director: Richard Balkwill

Dear friends,

After the successful first STM Master Class held in Oxford, September 2000,
we are running a second course this year at Milton Hill Hall, some 20
kilometres south of Oxford: the dates are 10 to 13 September.

Top professionals in STM publishing share their views
The need for change in the STM publishing industry is continually being
emphasised - but how? And how quickly? How much should we invest in our
future when our current business is so profitable? And how do we find the
time to think about all these issues...
The STM Master Class offers the opportunity to hear what top professionals
in our industry are saying about that future.  Speakers will question and
challenge the status quo, while offering a sometimes very different range of
options to consider. Workshops and discussion panels, together with a chance
to reflect on key issues in the company of international colleagues,
complete what last year's delegates described as an intensely valuable three

The theme of this year's Master Class is "Developing strategic business
skills", and among the topics to be covered will be change management, risk
analysis and financial modelling, building new brands, and capitalising on
core capabilities.

For whom is this course intended?
Those who will benefit most from attending will be three to five years into
their professional career. Delegates will probably be working in one of
their first managerial roles (in whatever department - the Master Class is
not geared to any specific job function), and will be facing challenges that
make them have to think 'outside the box'.

Registration before June 15
Sign up now by e-mailing or by completing the booking form from the enclosed
leaflet. You can save your company money if you do this before 15 June, but
don't delay: last year's STM Master Class was well over-subscribed.

With kind regards,

Lex Lefebvre


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