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JAC software.

Dear Peter,

  This is an opening salvo from the chair of the IUCr's Committee on
Electronic Publishing, Archiving and Dissemination of Information (CEP,
chair = me) to the software-review editor of JAC (you).

  As you are certainly aware, part of the IUCr's online services
includes a database of crystallographic software
(http://www.iucr.org/sincris-top/logiciel/index.html) maintained by Yves
Epelboin in Paris. Now Yves has informed the CEP that he has certain
troubles in extracting information from software publications in JAC.
Here is an extract from his e-mail to the CEP:

> The authors, sometimes, do not provide any URL
> where to find useful information for the people who want to use them.
> Moreover a number of necessary information about operating systems, requirements.. are
> not available.

 He has now provided a list (given below) of information that he
considers essential for entering software into the database. Do you see
any way that authors of papers on software in JAC could be persuaded to
provide the information that Yves requires for the software database.
Maybe there is other information that others require as well.

 In perusing the Notes for Authors in JAC, I noticed that there are very
few special requirements for the publication of software in JAC. I was
also amused to see that the specifications for a submission as a
Computer Program Abstract still refer to those provided by the
Commission on Computing in 1985 which were in fact written by a certain
H. D. Flack and evolved following telephone conversations with Michel
Schlenker who was at that time the editor of JAC. Of course one should
be very suspicious of making too many rules for submission but it would
definitely be beneficial to have certain a certain minimum of
information so that a software can be incorporated into the database

Best wishes and looking forward to hearing from you,

cc: CEP, G. Kostorz

Software specifications for JAC and other IUCr publications needed for
registration in the

Taken from the fields used in the database. 

Name (mandatory) : 
Operating Systems (mandatory): 

Distribution:  Free  -  Free academic  - Commercial  -  Shareware 

Type (mandatory) : binary - source 
Language(s) (mandatory if source): 

Bibliography (main reference in litterature): 
URL where to have more information and/or to  retrieve sofware

Short summary (mandatory): 

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