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Sorry for the delay. I was out.

VPN is a technology we use in our lab since a year. It is just a technique
to segment and control networks. It is a technology more subtle than
subnetworking but it does not change the philosophy.

For instance people dialing directly to our modems belong to a VPN with
some extended controls: you need a certificate to be identified. Then you
have access to all resources of the lab, including to IUCr journals since
you are recognized as a legitime meber of the lab. Connecting to the lab
throu a FAI and through our firewall does not give' that right since you do
not belong to a VPN of the lab. Thus there is no problem for access to the



Howard Flack a écrit :

> > Allowing people to log into Chester and be manipulating the
> > files?
>   Thats not what I had in mind.
>   Its rather the many academic institutions who have a subscription to
> the IUCr journals. Access to the journals is limited to subnets. In
> other words you have to be on site to get access. VPN gets around this
> by allowing access into the local net from outside hence permitting
> access to the journals from outside the sub net. i.e. You don't have to
> be on site, you don't have to be employed any more by the institution,
> visitors could manage to keep access for years on end, etc. That what I
> had in mind.
> H.
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