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SPARC, the Scholarly Publishing and Academic Resources Coalition has
launched a "how to" manual for those who want to "transform the scholarly
communications marketplace and process"

They introduce the book by saying:

"Recently, we have seen papers talking of a "rebellion" or "revolution" in
scholarly publishing - scientists and librarians taking charge to produce
information products and services over which they have control, wrested
away from or not ceded to the for-profit sector. This document is not a
rebel's manifesto. The aim here is to help make scholarly initiatives
mainstream - not in the sense of advocating conventional business models,
but rather by emphasizing the importance of planning for sustainability. No
matter how innovative and compelling the concept, how important its
mission, it must ultimately if not quickly become self-sustaining. That can
best be achieved by project developers that adapt and apply sound business
planning practices.

The manual's focus is on the online dissemination of scholarly and
scientific research, and possibly related information, by a nonprofit
entity such as a university, consortium, learned society, or not-for-profit
corporation. In addition to electronic journals, the planning process
described in the manual applies equally well to creation of such other
online ventures as academic servers or institutional repositories, and to
the publication of printed and other offline products"

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