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News for ICSTI Members August 8 2002

News for ICSTI Members August 8 2002

The Semantic Grid

e-Science offers a promising vision of how computer and communication
technology can support and enhance the scientific process. It does this
by enabling scientists to generate, analyse, share and discuss their
insights, experiments and results in a more effective manner.
The underlying computer infrastructure that provides these facilities is
commonly referred to as the Grid. At this time, there are a number of
grid applications being developed and there is a whole raft of computer
technologies that provide fragments of the necessary functionality.

However there is currently a major gap between these endeavours and the
vision of e-Science in which there is a high degree of easy-to-use and
seamless automation and in which there are flexible collaborations and
computations on a global scale. To bridge this practice-aspiration
divide, this report presents a research agenda whose aim is to move from
the current state of the art in e-Science infrastructure, to the future
infrastructure that is needed to support the full richness of the
e-Science vision. Here the future e-Science research infrastructure is
termed the Semantic Grid (Semantic Grid to Grid is meant to connote a
similar relationship to the one that exists between the Semantic Web and
the Web).

URL: http://www.semanticgrid.org/

Digital Object Identifier plug-in for ADOBE

At the International DOI Foundation Annual Members' Meeting, held in
Redmond, Washington, USA, the IDF demonstrated advanced DOI
functionality with the release of a simple plug-in which can be
customised to deliver numerous applications with Adobe products such as
pdf files. These can include adding menu items and tool bar
icons to Acrobat or Acrobat Reader, opening dialog boxes, and initiating
processes. Among applications demonstrated were alerting the user to the
existence of a newer version of a document, showing up-to-date related
links specific to the document in hand, creating a citation for the
document in hand, and initiating a rights transaction.

URL: http://www.doi.org/


Howard Flack        http://www.unige.ch/crystal/ahdf/Howard.Flack.html

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ICSU Scientific Freedom Policy

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