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OAI Workshop

Flack's notes on the OAI workshop:
 It is about all that I have time to type in today. It's intended as
much for ICSTI as for the CEP.

 David Gewitz in Yale is an advanced protagonist in preservation and
OAIS. He told me that they have not as yet come across any deficiencies
in the OAIS specification in the standard. Gewitz also thinks that
people who wish to preserve information in a pre-print server have dug
themselves into a huge hole. I agree.

 The SPARC project (Alison Buckholtz) as part of its model has
uncoupling of publishing processes into separate parts. In particular
the refereeing stage is seen as an activity independent of publishing
which thus becomes 'certification and authentification'. None of the
'new' publishers want to accomplish this part of the task themselves,
they all want to benefit from its activity but they have no business
model for its execution. If this is a viable activity for the IUCr one
might have authors paying for certification!!!! with the article being
indexed but not distributed through the IUCr's journals.

 The IUCr must look over its transfer of copyright documents and the
document giving the author right of use of his e-print. There is a
potential for subscription errosion here.

 For ICSTI efforts in advocacy of preservation, I noted that in the
presentation 'Open Archiving in the UK Universities,' Stephen Pinfield,
Nottingham, JISC had put much effort and money into advocacy using the
services of a professional PR firm. The launching of the UK's
preservation effort took place in the Houses of Parlement and managed to
attract articles in all of the major newspapers. 

 I particularly enjoyed the clear overview of OAI presented by Michael
L. Nelson of Old Dominion University. He totally avoided technical
details for reasons he made clear and concentrated on the strategic
aspects of OAI. I recommend him as a speaker to invite to ICSTI.


Howard Flack        http://www.unige.ch/crystal/ahdf/Howard.Flack.html

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