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Re: OAI Workshop

>In particular
>the refereeing stage is seen as an activity independent of publishing
>which thus becomes 'certification and authentification'. None of the
>'new' publishers want to accomplish this part of the task themselves,
>they all want to benefit from its activity but they have no business
>model for its execution. If this is a viable activity for the IUCr one
>might have authors paying for certification!!!! with the article being
>indexed but not distributed through the IUCr's journals.

What would be the point of this?  If the time has taken for certifying
the document - then surely it can be published by the certifying
authority as well?

Whey would an author pay for certification alone - when they could
submit at no cost for certification and publication?  (We are most
likely talking academics here - who would probably not want to
shell out money for a good reason - let alone a bad one)

Its "public or perish" - not "certify or perish"?


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