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Re: EPC: putting out-of-print Xtal textbooks on-line?

> Though I must admit the reason I have recently got interested
> on this topic is trying to find out about the innards of
> Beevers Lipson strips. 

  You would do a good service to the community by phoning up the Science
Museum in South Kensington to make sure that they have a box of Beevers
Lipson strips and instructions in their collection. Jeremy might know
someone down there to make sure they try and aquire one. The entrance to
the museum is very close to the entrance to Christies. I'm sure he knows
both places.

 Did anyone ever hear of a viable project to form a crystallographic

> Without access to old crystallographic 
> text books (which Birkbeck fortunately has) - potentially quite 
> tricky and frustrating.

  Of course I agree for particular projects, individuals need copies of
certain older texts. These can always be obtained from institutions like
the BL. Brian and Peter certainly know that I went to some trouble to
obtain a copy of a twenty-line paper on 'Wheaks' by A.L.Pon which was
accepted but 'Not published in Acta Crystallographica'. It references an
important source of information obtained by 'vernishing'.

  What I doubt is that what you propose is worth the considerable amount
of work and bother that it would entail. If you followed the BBC TV's
set of programmes broadcast around Christmas 2001 (i.e. 14 months ago)
on Dad's Army, exactly the same point came out with regard to rights as
Brian mentionned in his posting. (I have an illegal copy of the three
programmes kindly prepared by my sister-in-law.) Of course for the BBC
it has been worthwhile engaging in the very complicated procedure of
obtaining the rights to reproduce (THEIR OWN PRODUCTION) because they
came make many GBPs by selling the cassettes and DVDs to people like me.
Brian's comments hit the nail smack on the head. Ouch!



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