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DRAFT CEP 2002 annual report

CEPites or CEPists:

  Here attached is a DRAFT CEP 2002 annual report. Fascinating reading,
I'm sure you'll agree. But before execsec goes bonkers trying to extract
a report from me or we suffer the total ignominy of his 'No report was
received from the CEP' [the hallmark of a commission which does nothing]
would you please indicate any modifications that you wish to make to
this text.

  Although I am late sending in the report, I'm fairly sure that I sent
execsec a budget (would he confirm this to me directly please - not to
the list).

  As all of you (except Simon) know, we have had to deal with a rather
tricky situation over the last few days which further delayed my
report-writing activities.



Howard Flack                        mailto:Howard.Flack@cryst.unige.ch

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