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PS draft report

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PS You probably noticed I forgot to attach my text.

Howard Flack                        mailto:Howard.Flack@cryst.unige.ch

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IUCr 2002 Report - Committee on Electronic Publishing, Dissemination and Storage of Information (CEP)

In 2002 members of the CEP attended the following meetings:

 - B. McMahon attended a meeting 'XML use in Chemistry' in Cambridge, UK, January 2002

 - Y. Epelboin attended the seminar on 'Digital Preservation of the record of Science - state of the art', UNESCO, Paris, France, 14th - 15th February 2002. H. D. Flack also attended as ICSTI representative and participated in the ICSTI winter committee meetings 16th - 17th February at ICSU, Paris.

 - P. Strickland gave a short presentation on the IUCr's experience in selling journals to library consortia at a meeting of the Association of Learned and Professional Society Publishers in London, UK on the 19th February 2002.

 - H. D. Flack gave a short presentation 'FORTRAN archaelogy: an issue for a knowledge organization like the IUCr?' to the Open Meeting of the Commission on Computing 'The Problems facing Crystallographic Computing' in Geneva, August 2002

 - B. McMahon and H. D. Flack attended the '2nd Workshop on the Open Archives Initiative (OAI): Gaining independence with e-prints archives and OAI', 17th - 19th October 2002, CERN, Geneva, Switzerland.

 - H. D. Flack was unable to visit the IUCr editorial offices, Chester, UK, during 2002.

The meeting attendances of the CODATA and ICSTI representatives, whose work is so closely related to that of the CEP, are recorded in their individual reports.  

Information Services: 
The CEP has continued its task as editorial body for the on-line information services of the IUCr. The task of day-to-day maintenance of 'Crystallography Online' is performed under the responsibility of S. Parsons. No action on the restyling and restructuring of 'Crystallography Online' took place in 2002 due to other committments. It is definitely intended to put this high on the action plan of the CEP in 2003.

World Directory of Crystallographers 11: 
By way of the online interface of WDC 11, entries are gradually being updated by individuals. However more publicity is necessary to encourage crystallographers to keep their own record up-to-date. It is expected that when WDC is integrated with the journals electronic submission procedure, that individual updating of WDC will be more regular and reliable. **** A printed version of the directory of those who have logged in at least once was produced in late 2002. **** 

Under the continued leadership of L. M. D. Cranswick 1000 copies of a new version of the 'Xtal NeXus; Virtual Crystallographic Internet on CD-ROM' version 8.56 were produced in November 2002. All of these CD-ROMs have now been distributed and at present individual CD-ROMs are being made on request. The CD-ROM is made available to laboratories and scientists with an interest in crystallography lacking adequate connection to the internet. The CD-ROMs contain public domain software and copies of web sites of interest to crystallographers. The CD-ROMs were publicized through many channels in such a way that scientists have to apply to receive a copy. We propose to continue this project and make further batches of CD-ROMs. The European Crystallographic Meeting in South Africa in August 2003 will be an ideal opportunity to find further markets for this popular product.

Crystallography Journals Online: 
Attention continues to be given to ways of improving the sale of the IUCr journals to consortia of libraries. Moreover the CEP is particularly attentive to developments in the scientific community at large concerned with access to scientific literature and data. Currently 'Open Access' and the 'Open Archive Intitiative' are attracting wide attention, and the CEP is seeking to understand how these interesting initiatives can be turned into viable and sustainable operations of use to the crystallographic community. *** Should we write something here concerning the new journals electronic submission procedure - Its the report for year 2002, don't forget. ***

H. D. Flack 22nd May 2003


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