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Re: SiNCris and other matters


I have stopped IUCr mirroring just today and I have installed a 
redirection page instead of the IUcr entrance page.

Thus all links to the french mirror will go automatically to Chester.



Howard Flack a écrit :

> Yves:
>> A question:  mirror servers do not more appear in the main page. Does 
>> it mean that we will suppress them now that the speed of the network 
>> has tremendously increased? 
> I suppose that in the mean time you received an answer to this 
> question in the form of the letter from Mike Dacombe to mirror 
> managers informing them that after August 2004 mirrors are going to be 
> abandonned. Its one of the necessary steps in the path to modernising 
> the IUCr's site.
> In fact the Geneva mirror has been dead since December. The serveur 
> needed to have an update to the operating system and we did not bother 
> to install Apache again.
> H.
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