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Maybe you already know.

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Sujet: Open Source Publishing Directions
Date: Wed, 09 Jun 2004 15:51:10 -0700
De: kevin roebuck <kevin.roebuck@sun.com>
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We're seeing continued momentum around community development,
open source and now some momentum in the publishing space...


Academic publisher Reed Elsevier has announced it will begin allowing a
version of open access publishing. Acknowledging ongoing demand from
academics for a less restrictive model for publishing scholarly work,
Reed Elsevier will allow authors whose work has been accepted for
publication to post articles on their own Web sites or those of their
institutions. As standard practices for academic publishing have been
challenged by new media and means of distribution, Reed Elsevier has
come under increasing pressure to adapt its practices and move away
from the traditional subscription model, as a number of other academic
publishers have done. Still, the company's announcement did not
convince some critics. Deborah Cockerill of competitor BioMed Central
said Reed Elsevier's approach to open access publishing is based on
controlling access and retains so many restrictions as to pose no real
threat to the subscription model. On the other hand, Stevan Harnad,
professor at the University of Southampton and a strong supporter of
open access, commended Reed Elsevier for its change, saying that "the
full benefits of open access require not one bit more [from Reed

The Guardian, 3 June 2004


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